Water Damage Carpet Drying in Adelaide

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    Feel secured with our flood damage restoration in Adelaide

    Prime Flood Damage Restoration offers a prompt and guaranteed solution for wet and flooded carpet drying services in Adelaide. We understand that water damage can be a lot more severe than our fears. Floodwater can cause underlying damages to your property’s internal structure.

    Our technicians are professionally trained for the assessment and fixation of your wet carpets on the same day of your booking. Flood damage is a common problem with the residents of Adelaide that require emergency action, and we offer just what you need! We are open 24/7 and provide you with emergency services around the clock.

    Hence, if your home or commercial building is threatened by the flood water damage, we are just a call away and reach your property within one hour.

    Prompt actions for emergency flooded carpet cleaning in Adelaide

    We offer promising emergency flooded carpet cleaning in Adelaide. Our licensed specialists have vast experience in dealing with a wide range of emergencies caused by flood damage and water leakage.

    Some examples are seepage of water into the basement or floorboards, destruction of structural materials, soaking of carpets and other home textile and furniture, growth of mould, and more.

    We have been rendering our emergency flooded carpet cleaning services in Adelaide for many years. Our company help locals restore their carpets, whether residential or commercial, to its original condition by reversing the flood damage.

    Our comprehensive water damage restoration method

    Flood damage restoration in Adelaide could be a complicated procedure that is tough to deal with - they need accurate assessment and fast action to minimise the damage. Hence, the lack of immediate professional assistance may cause irreversible damage to your property.

    Therefore, Prime Flood Damage Restoration recommends that you consult our expert technicians as soon as possible.

    Let us outline the strategy we usually follow to assess the severity of the destruction.

    Free Assessment

    This is our initial step in the restoration process. We invest in the latest technology and methodology for assessing the underlying cause. Our technicians will also investigate what type of water leakage you have.

    Water extraction

    Rapid drying of your carpets and belongings is essential to move ahead in the restoration process. With the use of our latest technology, we will completely extract the water using effective power pumps. Our skilled technicians operate them to remove flood water from your carpets and other home textiles.

    Dehumidifying method and air movers

    After removing the floodwater, we use high quality and efficient blow dryers and dehumidifiers to fasten the drying process.

    Drying of carpets

    Our specialists use modern moisture meters to determine the exact extent of the dampness of your carpets. Carpet underlay drying is also done as required to remove any traces of moisture from your carpets and surroundings.

    Close carpet monitoring

    We will closely monitor your carpets for the presence of mould and water stain. Water staining is the most common problem caused by the accumulation of floodwater. Our team will inform you about the extent of damage and the possibility of complete eradication of the stains.

    We use effective treatments and equipment for stain removal and use an anti-bacterial spray to hamper mould development.

    Sanitation of carpets

    We will apply to spray solutions that are clinically organic and safe for every age range.

    Hot water extraction of carpets

    Our professionals will now begin to steam your carpets thoroughly. This fastens your carpets to place and revitalise to excellent condition.


    Our finishing touch is to utilise deodorising solutions that are gentle and mild that does not contain strong scent to avoid allergic reactions.

    Other restoration services we provide

    Prime Flood Damage Restoration also provides the following services for restoration of your water damaged carpets in Adelaide.

    • Structural and carpet drying
    • Subfloor, wooden floors, hard floor drying
    • Sewage water clean up
    • Odour control and treatment
    • Air purification
    • Storm restoration

    Home wet carpet cleaning in Adelaide

    Your carpets at home may be devastated by unanticipated flooding caused by heavy raining or water seepage from defective pipes. If you are having a hard time dealing with your wet carpets, it is highly suggested to contact experts like us to mend the problems in a nick of time!

    Our company provides exceptional home wet carpet cleaning in Adelaide. At Prime Flood Damage Restoration, we value collaborative effort and urgency to accommodate your demands on the same day of your booking.

    Around the clock same-day water damage carpet cleaning in Adelaide

    We know that flood damage in Adelaide can be extremely devastating, and no one wants to bear the massive financial and emotional toll these situations may take on you.

    Therefore, we stay active seven days a week all around the clock for same-day water damage carpet cleaning in Adelaide. We immediately reach out to you before further damage occurs and assure to arrive in an hour.

    Our expert technicians keep their sleeves rolled up to provide you with their services on the same day. We strive to ensure your peace of mind.

    Office flood damage carpet cleaning in Adelaide

    Our company provides comprehensive office flood damage carpet cleaning in Adelaide. We employ the upgraded materials and tools to eliminate all the floodwater from your workplace and meet phenomenal outcomes!

    You can count on our experts who are experienced and intellectuals in managing wet carpets on the same day you book our services.

    You’ll get your money’s worth with Prime Flood Damage Restoration in Adelaide

    We understand that you are already confronting financial loss due to flood damage, and we do not want to overburden you with the cost of restorations. With that being said, our company offers reliable flood damage restoration that is fit within your budget!

    We offer beneficial and discounted packages that include free assessment and competitive rates for the overall restoration process.


    Yes, our flood damaged carpet restoration is budget-friendly with first-class results.

    Yes, you may. The furniture may hinder the progress of our job in drying your wet carpet. It is also to ensure that your furniture won’t get any damages such as mould growth.

    If the water leak comes from your hot water system, there's no need to replace your carpet underlay. We can just proceed with the drying process. However, if it comes from black water then it needs replacement since black water is contaminated.

    Prime Flood Restoration team provides effective carpet mould treatment services. Give us a call today so we can guide you on how to avail this service.

    Yes, we can! Our responsive team can assist you right away as we are always open day and night to serve our customers with our thorough carpet drying service at any time they need our assistance.