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Broken pipes, floods, leaks and a lot more can result in unpredicted difficulties in your property and office.

No matter the size and type, the water damages must be solved by an expert. This is because unless properly repaired, some of the problems can cause threatening health circumstances. Prime Flood Restoration’s local experts in water damage removal have the proper levels of certification and the suitable tools to solve any flood difficulties you might have.

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Initially, the water issue might look as if taken care of, but if you have not gotten to the bottom of it, it might become threatening for your well-being, and result in even more destruction to your building.

For this reason the rapid reaction is essential. Prime Flood Restoration’s flood restoration specialists in Bena have the highest quality technology and skills to resolve any water damage issue at a moment’s notice.

Water Damage Solutions For Your Household

No matter if you are dealing with a natural disaster destructions or a leak, Prime Flood Restoration’s specialists will be at your disposal. Even on holidays, just give us a call!
For Prime Flood Restoration, the most vital thing is the health of our clients. This motivates us to discover the most suitable solution for your household’s needs.
We use proper flood restoration tools and approaches to repair any flood difficulties, take care of the mold, and restore your home.

Flood Restoration Services For Your Commercial Residence in Bena

Prime Flood Restoration know that each water damage problem could be damaging for your business. And this is absolutely why we have outstanding techniques when it comes to solving these issues.
Prime Flood Restoration are equipped with the professional instruments and drying skills to get the problem solved in no time, ensuring a minimal disruption of your business. Hence, things will be back on track fast.
In addition, this will happen in the most cost-efficient way.
When the focus is your business – Prime Flood Restoration has got you covered!

How do we get it done?

Every situation is specific and this is why there is a special flow of clarifying the size of the water damage. This results in the most suitable solution for you to get.
Following every measure will ensure complete delight at the end of the road.


Figuring out the size and type of the water damage.

When you get in touch with us, the first thing that our water restoration professionals in Bena 3946 will do is to evaluate the kind of the water issue and what might have resulted it. This is the beginning step, as our experts should be aware of the root cause, and after that provide an adequate flood damage restoration to your property.


Issue Removal

Our team will arrive at your house in a timely manner and will use special equipment and methods to deal with the main reason leading to the issue.


Drying process

As soon as the initial issue is taken care of our team will proceed with drying-up in order to leave your home with no excess water.


Post-service observing of the outcome

To make sure that the problem is fully fixed, we will make an additional monitoring of the results. This will ensure that you will not have any further hassles with water.


Sanitizing and mould treatment

Prime Flood Restoration care about your family’s health. This is the reason why, after removing the water, we will utilise extra techniques to reduce your exposure to contaminants and to have your home clean and safe. The work is done by using a special deodorization, cleaning and disinfecting agents for a complete satisfaction.


Final Evaluation

Whatever the problem you are facing, we are willing to offer the correct service. It only takes a call, and we are ready to get it done.

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The Categories of Water Damages

Essentially there are 3 main types of waters. It is important to mention that each of them can be disastrous. Because of this, you should have the correct flooding restoration service regarding the particular case that your property has.

Clean Water

This is the least dangerous category of all.Although the “clean water” is not dirty, the destruction it can result in should not be underestimated. If not taken care of, the clean water can turn into one of the other 2 types, which can give an environment for mould growth, and threaten your health.


Blackwater is the most dangerous kind of damaging water and this is why it requires urgent and fast measures. Black water can be caused by seawater, rising floods, and groundwater as well. Black water damages can have a negative impact on your health. We care about your well-being and will do everything needed to disinfect your house after the dehumidification to leave it clean and safe.


Greywater can be caused by malfunction or damage in different utilities, including damaged pipes, toilets, dishwashers and many more. Things like soap, grease, beverages, dead skin cells that this category contains, can let harmful germs to be transferred through your property and come in direct contact with your hands. If not taken care of on time, the Greywater could easily get as dangerous as Blackwater.

Other Areas We Cover

We have local teams of professionals who can be at your property in an hour. Here are some of the other areas we cover:

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