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Flood issues can be triggered by many different things. The most common among them are floods, broken pipes, and faulty utilities. It is certain that the bad effects from flooding water are increasing with time. Also, these can result in permanent damages of your residence.

Chances for this to take place grow if you do not act quickly. If you have such problems it is essential to have a reliable Water Restoration company which you can reach out to at any time.

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Same day Flood Repair Assistance for your Personal Residence or Business

The harmful results of flood damage can be reduced greatly by a prompt and fast help from the water damage repair specialists at Prime Flood Restoration in North Lambton. Our professionals are within a reach 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever you require their assistance the most.

If you don’t get rid of the issues quickly, they can promote further destruction in your household. This is why it is crucial to ask for a specialist – Prime Flood Restoration guarantee your satisfaction and will stop any additional issues.

Emergency flood restoration for your household in North Lambton

Caused by damaged faucets to natural disasters, water damage can be considered as one of the most frequent and possibly destructive problems you can face as a property owner. If not sorted, the excessive water in your property can produce electrical hazards, give rise to bacteria growth and bring about costly structural issues.

When the worst occurs, call Prime Flood Restoration. With just a single call, our experts will arrive in a flash to provide the best service on the market.

Business water restoration assistance

Flood damage can come upon your business property at any time. It can also stop your business and cause you to lose an important deal. Regardless if the issue is caused by a storm or a broken pipe, each minute spent waiting can be disastrous.

Whenever you notice any unwanted water event, Prime Flood Restoration provide a quick 24/7 emergency help.

Our professionals have the education, experience, and equipment to resolve it quickly. When your business is at stake we will help you out.

How do we get it done

In case of emergencies it is required to follow the proven steps. This guarantees that we will provide the most suitable solution for your household’s needs.


Flood damage inspection

The moment you call us, we will begin to determine the kind of the issue and get on it.
Locating the root cause allows us to find the right actions to completely sort it out. Our teams have the needed tools to solve any water-caused issue, no matter its nature.


Water removal

Our job begins almost immediately. The main thing is to seal the source of water and ensure every asset is safe from the site.



After the root cause has been fixed, our team will extract any water hidden in rugs, furniture, and ceilings and dehumidify every item that could have been damaged.


Checking the result

When the drying-up is done, there should be no additional issues, but to guarantee that, our specialists will be performing post-monitoring of the field.


Steam cleaning and mould clean up

Prime Flood Restoration will not only take care of your water problems. Our first priority is your health. Due to this reason after getting rid of the water, we use extra techniques to decrease your contact to diseases and leave your home clean and safe. We will perform deodorization, steaming and cleaning.


Finishing Assessment

At the final step, our pros will handle every rebuild work in your home. Following that, you will be ready to get your life back to normal.

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The Kinds of Water Damages

As soon as you see that your property is having a water damage, you must begin with addressing the kind of waste water you are dealing with. The categories of water damage are determined by the Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It should be said that regardless of the type, all of them are threatening.

Clean Water

Clean water is also called the safest of all. This type initially comes from a leaking sink or damaged water pipes.
Getting in contact with this water has no health threats and therefore it is the easiest to fix. Many flood restoration companies just check the broken appliance, remove the water and dry the place. However, if the issue is not solved fast, the clean water can become dirty.


Gray water is much more serious of a problem than the first type. It can be caused by mishaps that influence various utilizations, such as pumps, toilets, washing machines, water storage solutions and others. Grey Water can contain microorganisms and hence can cause serious illness.
One of the most important things regarding Grey water is to not allow the growth of the contaminants. If not taken care of, Grey water can become poisonous. This is why you must always get in touch with a professional in water restoration in North Lambton. We will stand by your side.


Black water is the most poisonous of all three categories of water damages. This sort of water damage usually comes after huge sewage problems or natural disasters. It is extremely important for you to keep yourself away from it as it can have various contaminants like chemicals, or other contaminants that will injure if they come in contact with your skin.
If you are in a difficult position when black water has got to your house, it is key to call a specialized team. At Prime Flood Restoration in North Lambton we have the right instruments and certification to handle for such events

Other Areas We Cover

We have local teams of expert technicians who can be at your property in an hour. Here are some of the other areas we cover:

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