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Flooding can increase the chance of major destruction, everywhere in your house. Initially, the problem appears as taken care of, but if you have not gotten to the bottom of it, it might be harmful for yours and your beloved ones’ well-being. It can even lead to further damages. For this reason acting on time is crucial. The professionalists in Prime Flood Restoration have expert tools and experience to sort out any flood and water damage related issue you might be experiencing.

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The sole way to minimize the damaging consequences of water damage can be by the adequate and fast help of the flood damage repair specialists. Our professionals are within an easy reach 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when you need their assistance the most. Our trained professionals will support you until you are completely satisfied with the results. It is crucial to get a specialized team, part of a trustworthy company by your side to handle the situation the best way possible!

Receive professional flood restoration for your home

Yours and your family’s health is our main priority. This is why we are ready do to all it takes to keep you save.

We use specific restoration equipment and techniques to repair any water caused damages, take away any mold, and repair your property. If the matter is your residence we are ready to help.

Reliable flood restoration services for your business property

We are aware that broken pipes, leaks, natural disasters and floods can ruin your business tasks. Because of this Prime Flood Restoration are here for you. With our help, you will be able to get your business back on track.

Our local team of local experts will reduce the disruptions to your business. They will do anything to ensure your business and employees will continue working as normal. You can get our emergency assistance on the same-day in Northam

The way Prime Flood Restoration get it done

Water damages can take place out of the blue. At these moments, reaction on time and proper actions are crucial.

This causes providing the optimal solution for your commercial or home’s needs.



The main thing to be done is checking the main reason for the damage. This will assure that we can deliver the adequate service


Water migration

Then we will stop the flood source and make sure that each undamaged thing is moved away from destruction. This will guarantee avoiding any further problems.



Then our specialists will get out all the water settled in rugs, furniture, and walls and dehumidify every single item/place that could have been destroyed.


Observing the outcome

When the drying-up is completed, there will be no additional problems, but to guarantee that, our specialists will be performing additional checks on the area.


Sanitizing and odour eradication

Not only we will help you with the flooding damages, but will conduct complete Sanitizing and mould treatment. It is is done by applying additional methods to decrease your showing to bacteria and leave your property disinfected and safe


Closing Assessment

At the last process, our team will assist on every final restorations in the house. After that, you will be set to continue living unharmed.

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Types of Water Damages

Whenever a water damage take place in your house can be suffering from a water damage, you have to begin with finding out the type of excess water you are dealing with. The categorisation of water damage are separated by the Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It must told that regardless of the category all of them are dangerous.

Clean Water

Clean Water is the least threatening type.comes from a overflowing toilet, damaged water supply lines and also melting snow.

Even ingesting this water would pose no health threats.It is worth noticing that no specific treatment, time passing and higher temperatures, could without doubt turn it into one of the most threatening categories from below. Our team are going to assist you to avoid that!


Grey water includes water from various utilizations, like pumps, sinks, washing machines and others.

There you can notice different things like soap, oil, food, bleach, dead skin cells that it accommodate can let dangerous organisms be passed on through contaminated hands or direct contact with skin. Prime Flood Restoration can help you get rid of it.


Category 3 is the most serious of all three categorizations of water damages.t is crucial to you keep yourself far away from the black water as it can include different ingredients such as diseases, or contaminants that will threaten if drunk.

As soon as you notice a damage from this class it is necessary to get in touch with experts. At Prime Flood Restoration our teams have the specific tools and knowledge to resolve for such occasions.

Other Areas We Cover

We have local teams of professionals who can be where you need them in just an hour. Here are some of the other areas we cover:

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