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Flooding can increase the chance of serious destruction, anywhere in your property. At first sight, the issue seems to be taken care of, but if you have not tackled the reason, it might be dangerous for yours and your beloved ones’ health. It can even cause more destruction. For this reason speed is crucial. The experts in Prime Flood Restoration have leading tools and experience to solve any flood and water damage related issue you might be experiencing.

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The best way to neutralize the dangerous effects of flood damage can be by the accurate and quick assistance of the flood damage repair team. We are within an easy reach 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever you need their assistance the most. Our trained professionals will stand by your side until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. It is crucial to get a specialized team, part of a reliable company on your side to handle the situation the best way possible!

Receive qualified flood restoration for your household

Yours and your family’s health is our first priority. Due to this reason we are ready do to our best to protect it.

We have specific restoration tools and approaches to repair any flood caused damages, take away any mold, and repair your residence. When the matter is your house we are on our way to assist.

Reliable flood repair servicing for your office address

We understand that broken supply lines, leaks, storms and floods might disturb your business occupation. Exactly this is why we will be here for you. With our help, you will be able to continue working.

Our local team of local experts will minimize the interruptions to your business. They will do everything to make sure your business and employees will keep going as normal. You can take advantage our emergency services on the same-day in Russell

The way we do it

Flooding damages can take place out of the blue. At these moments, speed and proper steps are essential.

This causes rooting out the optimal solution for your business or household’s needs.



The main thing that we need to do is finding out the root cause for the issue. This will let us provide the right solution


Water removal

After that we will restrict the water source and make sure that any undamaged belonging is protected from defilement. This helps decreasing the chance of any unexpected damages.



Then our team will get out any water hidden in rugs, furniture, and walls and dry every single item/place that could have been affected.


Observing the outcome

When the drying-up is performed, there will be no further issues, but to guarantee that, our experts will be carrying out post-monitoring on the field.


Sanitizing and mould treatment

Not only our technicians will assist you with the water destructions, but will perform complete Steam cleaning and odour treatment. It is is done by the help of extra procedures to minimize your exposure to bacteria and leave your property disinfected and safe


Closing Assessment

At the final process, our team will help with all final rebuilds to the property. After that, you will be ready to get your life back to normal.

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Categorization of Water Damages

After a water damage occurs in your property can be suffering from a water damage, you must begin with addressing the type of waste water you have to deal with. The categories of water damage are determined by the Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It should told that no matter the type all of them are harmful.

Clean Water

Category 1 is not so serious class.comes from a leaking appliance, broken water supply lines and also melting ice.

Even drinking this water would pose no health risks.It is worth noticing that no specific treatment, time passing and hotter temperatures, can without doubt turn it into one of the most threatening categories from below. Prime Flood Restoration are going to assist you to avoid that!


Grey water includes water from different utilizations, like pumps, toilets, washing machines and others.

There you can find things like soap, grease, food, bleach, hair that it holds in could easily let harmful bacteria be transferred through contaminated hands or direct contact with skin. Our team can help you eliminate it.


Category 3 is the most dangerous of all three classes of water damages.t is life-saving to you keep yourself away from the black water as it can contain different things such as pesticides, or bacterias that will injure if drunk.

When you notice a damage from this class it is urgent to get in touch with experts. At Prime Flood Restoration our professionals have the proper instruments and experience to resolve for such events.

Other Areas We Cover

We have local teams of expert technicians who can be at your doorstep in an hour. Here are some of the other areas we cover:

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