How long does the carpet take to dry after water damage restoration?

Carpets need to be dry immediately after cleaning from flood damage. Wet and soggy carpets can be concerning as there are many health issues with wet carpets. Wet carpets also cause an awful smell in the house, which is challenging to exhaust from home. Usually, wet carpets take 6 to 10 hours dry.

In general, the answer to how long it takes for carpets to dry has a lot to do with how wet your carpets are, what caused them to get wet, and what external factors affect dry time.

Typically there are two main reasons for wet carpets: one major issue is flooding due to heavy rainfall, and the other is water outburst from broken pipes.

If the carpet becomes wet for a more extended period, there are increasing chances for moulds and bacteria that cause the human body’s toxic effects. It requires around 48 to 72 hours to develop in wet areas. So after water damage, restoration from experts is important to avoid further damage to your house.

If carpets become wet due to flood water damage, do not expect that water becomes dry on its own. Call for professional carpet cleaning services and they will reduce the stress of carpet cleaning immediately.

Professional drying of carpets after water damage

After facing the water damage, you will need to hire a professional company that calculates moisture level at your home and takes restoration measures according to the damage your carpets endured.

Specialists will set the fan, dehumidifier, and other drying equipment to fully restore your carpets and other belongings effectively. It may take several days until they notice the average moisture level in everything.

If the restoration procedure is taken place after the flood damage, it is easier to dry up your carpets and even its underlay respectively. When you have a team of professionals cleaning and drying the carpet, it will be more convenient to manage the restoration process. Competent professionals have many ways of cleaning and drying the carpets and you will never feel it soggy or wet after cleaning with steam drying.

For residential carpet drying, it typically takes 6 to 10 hours to dry, while commercial carpets only take 2 to 6 hours to dry up. The difference in the drying time is due to the variation of the carpet padding.

Factors affecting the carpets drying time

Several factors affect the drying time and the overall cleaning of the carpet as well.

The most common factor affecting drying is the equipment used to carry out the drying process. There is a difference in the drying time of various models like high end, modern truck-mounted systems, and weaker budget models.

The carpet service quality also affects the carpet drying time as the low budget companies need to do many jobs in a day, so they will not provide the proper dry stole to a carpet. Also, the knowledge of technicians affects the timings of drying carpets.

Speed up carpet drying time

If your carpet takes a lot of time in drying, you can use various other methods to speed up the drying or a combination of those. Such as:

  • Circulate some air around
  • Run air conditioner in summers as it pulls off the moisture
  • Turn on the heaters in winter