Flooded Carpet Cleaning in SFour

Prime Flood Damage Restoration is a well-founded company with many years of expertise and service in providing a thorough flooded carpet cleaning in SFour.

Our technicians are amongst the intellectuals and experienced in the field who handles specified tools and equipment that are brand-new and effective. Through our same-day and emergency services, we aim to restore your rugs and even its underlays to inhibit the bacterial spread and mould growth on the day you place your booking.

Our progressive wet carpet restoration approach

The following are some steps to let you learn more about our restoration procedure:

Flood damage assessment

This step is important for creating an effective action plan. Our inspection team will determine the necessary action to eradicate the flood carefully, and analyse the type and extent of water damage.

Removal of water

This step helps in reducing further water damage by pumping out hundreds or thousands of gallons of water through power pumps and vacuums as soon as possible during this water removal phase.


In this step, the remaining water that is harder to reach is removed through the use of specific air movers and dehumidifiers.

Drying process

We will carefully dry up your rugs and detect residual dampness with the use of effective moisture meters.

Restoration monitoring

As we closely monitor the progress in our procedure, we will also inspect your carpet underlays for the presence of moisture, mould, and discolouration. We will handle it specifically with the use of organic spray solutions.

Cleaning and disinfection

We will carry out our disinfection and cleaning process through antimicrobial treatments.

Complete carpet steaming

In the last step, your house or business is restored to its original or pre-damage condition. It may entail minor replacements such as few drywall panels, or some major replacements such as the entire rebuilding of rooms in house or business.

Odour remedy

The odours are removed using air scrubbers and fogging tools. Our mildly-scented solutions are effective to eliminate unwanted odour from your properties.

Wet carpet drying in SFour for homeowners

Prime Flood Damage Restoration offers wet carpet drying for the homeowners in SFour. Our team of professionals use powerful equipment and high suction pumps for quick drying purposes, and in some extreme cases, air blowers are employed to speed up the process.

You must always secure your residential property neat and without water leakage to secure a healthy and livable environment for your family. We act fast because your safety and comfort is our utmost priority.

Same day water damage carpet drying in SFour

Our company provides same-day water damage carpet cleaning in SFour that is accessible all day and night! We take pride in offering our services even on weekends and on public holidays.

When it comes to restoring carpets after flood damage, there is an immediate need to remove excess water. Failure to act instantly may lead to the development of bacteria and moulds that may have negative impacts on human health. That’s why we see to it to reach your premises in an hour after you have confirmed your booking, so we can begin our comprehensive procedure.

Flood damage restoration for business owners in SFour

Your business is a place of efficiency and high production capability. However, circumstances such as flood damage may happen and it requires a prompt response from professionals like us!

Fortunately, Prime Flood Damage Restoration can get to your place within one hour and deliver comprehensive flood damage restoration approach for your commercial premises in SFour.

Our experts can work and meet breathtaking results for your carpets. We are constantly motivated by your trust and confidence in us, that leads us to strive harder and meet desirable outcomes on the day of your booking.

Emergency water damage carpet drying in SFour

It is crucial to immediately contact an emergency water damaged carpet drying company like us in case your carpet is flooded due to water outflow or flooding from a heavy rainstorm.

Our services are open around the clock to cater to your urgent demands to dry out your rugs. We employ certified air movers and dehumidifiers to refresh your rugs completely. Our friendly and responsive customer service will communicate and address your concerns so we can prepare and head out to your place instantly.

Prime Flood Damage Restoration – Your excellent choice for high-quality restoration of carpets in SFour

We are proud of our world-class water damage carpet cleaning available to both residential and commercial premises in SFour. Our licensed technicians are available 24/7 and can get the job done nicely in restoring your rugs and revitalise its magnificent condition to life.

If you have a flooded property, you can leave it to us because you’ll get nothing but 100% satisfaction with our services at an affordable cost.